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Vella Costume

This halloween, I wanted to be one of the coolest characters in video games this year.  Vella, from Double Fine’s Broken Age, is a strong, independent-minded character, takes her fate into her own hands, and is not afraid to speak her mind.  She fights for what she believes in.

I made the dress from modified dress patterns and layered circle skirts.  I left the back edging unfinished, as her dress is also ripped in the back from her daring escape.  It was a great learning experience and was a fun costume to make! 

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flux-web-bannerNew semester, new project!  I’m back at the ETC working on an exciting student-pitched project called flux!

Flux is building physical interactive art installations that will be housed in the ETC building upon completion.  We will be spending half of the semester prototyping ideas and the second half of the semester building full-scale versions of a selection of our prototypes.  Our focus is on using interesting materials and physical technology to create installations that react and respond to their surroundings.

One of the greatest things about this project for me is that it really gets me to bring together my background of skills and really emphasize my exposure to different materials and construction processes.  It’s going to be a semester full of learning and excitement!

Check out more about the project at my flux webpage, or on our ETC project website!

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New Project!

This semester at the ETC, I’m working on a team of 6 students that will be developing educational games for middle school students using the new SMALLab embodied learning system.  We are working with the amazing faculty and staff of Elizabeth Forward School District,  who have asked the team to create games for their 6th, 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Math curriculum.  

We’ll be working in a rapid-prototype system throughout the semester to create a number of prototyope games and then choose three to polish and hand off at the end of the semester.  The games we’re currently working on range from learning prefixes, suffixes, and roots to teaching fractions.

Stay tuned for updates and art, as they’ll be uploaded to the portfolio and BrainSTEM sections of my page shortly.  In the meantime, keep in touch with the project at our BrainSTEM ETC page!

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48 Hour Film Project

What a crazy few weekends!   A group of 12 ETC students and myself participated in the Pittsburgh  48 Hour Film Project, in which we were tasked to make a film between 4-7 minutes that included a given character, piece of dialogue, and prop.  Check out the results below!

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Digital Dream Lab

Hi again,

My newest project at the ETC, Digital Dream Lab, is now up and running!  Our client is Makeshop, a group at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, which focuses on getting visitors of all ages to learn by make things with their hands.  They’re looking to integrate helping children to learn how to program in the space, so we’ve come up with a tangible block system that translates to a projected animation, so young children can learn and understand the basic organization of a computer program with their hands.

I’ve been appointed as the Art lead and I’m excited to get to flex some of my design muscles from my undergraduate career, both from the Media Lab as well as the Architecture department working with visual programming and tangible blocks!

We’ve just finished our fourth week, which means we’re about a quarter of a way through our project.  Check out our progress at our website,!

[Update!]  Check out some photos and a more in-depth description of our project by checking out my page here: Digital Dream Lab

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2011 BVW Show!

Last night was the Fall 2011 BVW show, and it was amazing!  We got to see a lot of different technologies and some great experiences created by the Fall BVW class this year.  Two of my worlds were accepted into the show: ElectroTechnoCorps (performance from our second interim presentation can be seen below) and Balloon Tower Princess Rescue!

To watch a feed from the show, you can download it here and read more!

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also did an article on the show, available here.