flux-web-bannerPhysical, “Aware” Interactive Art Installations

Self-Pitched Student Project
Contribution:  Design, Materials and Fabrication
Website: http://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/flux/

Can a space communicate a story about the people who have been through it? This project is exploring that question by prototyping and fabricating a series of interactive art installations to be housed in the Entertainment Technology Center building.

The reasoning behind our exploration is this: although the structure of a space may remain unchanged, the experiences that take place in it are constantly in flux. Every space has a history of which we are too often completely unaware, and our project seeks to tell those stories, connect people across time, and help them realize themselves as part of a larger social context.

The first half of the semester will consist of designing and prototyping several ambient and tactile interactive experiences, while the second half of the semester will be spent expanding a selection of the prototypes, fabricating them into full-scale installations, and polishing them for final installation in the Entertainment Technology Center building.

I am particularly excited about this project, especially because it means I finally get my hands dirty on a purely physical prototyping and installation process.  This semester is going to be filled with learning for me and experimenting with different materials and construction processes!