Minesweeper Game Trailer

This project was our first joint project with another team, L&Mark Productions.  Our job was to shoot and edit a game trailer based on their pre-production notes: storyboards, camera diagrams, etc.  The game they had us working with was the classic ‘Minesweeper,’ but with an epic twist.  This film was featured in the 2011 Fall BVW Show.

This project also involved the process of pitching an idea to an audience, which was a vital experience to have especially in a creative environment.  By developing the concept and having to communicate it to a panel and the rest of the class, we were definitely more motivated to create a concept that would be easily understood if explained verbally instead of seeing the finished product.  It also gave us the chance to have some feedback on our pre-production work, which we developed strongly in our retrofit project.  It was also a challenge to build off of and execute another team’s pre-production work and ideas rather than coming up with our own.

This project was more difficult for me than others because it was the first where my team stepped up and took on roles in both pre- and post-production, leaving me to oversee and mentor them through the process.  As a member of the team with more experience in camerawork and editing, it was difficult to let go of all the responsibilities, being the most experienced of my team, but it was also a great learning experience to figure out how to teach and guide and opened my eyes in a lot of ways.   By the end of the project, I had mentored one teammate, Mike (who played the main character) in how to set up shots, and had taught another of my teammates how to edit the film together.

Our pre-production work was on a game called Fruit Ninja, which we handed off to the appropriately-named Ninja Babies group.  Our missing sock appears in their video, which can be seen below: