Balloon Tower Princess Rescue

Entertainment Technology Center: Building Virtual Worlds

Round 3 : “Lightning Round”
Featured in the Fall 2011 Building Virtual Worlds Show
Art, Character, Environment, and Interaction Design
Timespan: 1 week + ~1 week polish for show

While most projects in BVW are two weeks or longer, Round 3 was one.  Just one week to build a game.  It sounded crazy at first but it was a great lesson in rapid prototyping and creating an idea that was simple but incredibly fun.

My group decided to use wiimotes to create a physically interactive game about knights, princesses in towers, mad axe wars, and…of all things… balloon baskets.  We wanted to make a game that was fun, got people “pumped” to play, and had a high entertainment aspect for both the players and audience.  Hence, Balloon Tower Princess Rescue was born.

Because we only had a week, we couldn’t involve a very complicated story but instead concentrated on the interest curve for the game.  We wanted to have two interactions – one that would propel the player and one that they could use to distract or slow their opponent.  This way, the game could have a really variable interest curve but that was consistently entertaining whether the players decided to propel themselves or attack the other player.

We decided to go with a crazed art style, and be very campy with the whole thing, which I had a lot of fun with.  I looked at Robot Unicorn Attack for inspiration on a lot of the art, and created special brushes in Photoshop to make some of the effects.  I worked on the introduction, instruction, and exit animations, as well as the texture, environment, and character art.