Anisha PhotoI currently have the pleasure of designing experiences at Schell Games in Pittsburgh, PA.  I’ve been fortunate to work with fantastic teams on a wide range of projects for incredible clients, including WDI R&D and Universal Creative.  Previous projects include a S.E.C.R.E.T. Agent Experience at the Children’s Museum of Houston, the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Trolley Ride at Idlewild Park, and Happy Atoms, a chemistry learning toy and app.

I love creating immersive physical and tangible experiences enhanced with technology because they allow us to step beyond what seems real into wonderful new worlds.  My backgrounds of architecture, comparative media studies, and interactivity from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology combine to create story-driven experiences where you can play a role in and affect the experience, not just watch it.

I am passionate about taking ideas from inklings in brainstorms through prototyping and playtesting into full production and installation, especially when working on projects that give guests the opportunity to explore and influence the world around them.  Since developing these skills at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy’s Entertainment Technology Center, I’ve been working at Schell Games as an experience designer on location-based projects and toys, including project management, design direction, and prototyping.

I am a multidisciplinary person, fundamentally.  I have a broad range of skills, ranging from electronics and model building to sewing and rapid prototyping.  I am passionate about learning new things whenever I can, especially when they involve working with my hands and building interactive elements.  Being flexible in what I can contribute allows me to fit into teams and projects in many ways.  While on an internship at the MIT Media Lab working on Scratch software, I was introduced to many innovative materials and fabrication techniques, as well as the importance of tangible and kinesthetic interactivity.  This continued at the Entertainment Technology Center, where I developed a passion for tangible, interactive experiences, and earned the Anne Humphreys award for project work with the community and education.

Some of my other interests include conservation efforts, animal welfare, film, animation, set design, and anthropology.