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Digital Dream Lab

Hi again,

My newest project at the ETC, Digital Dream Lab, is now up and running!  Our client is Makeshop, a group at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, which focuses on getting visitors of all ages to learn by make things with their hands.  They’re looking to integrate helping children to learn how to program in the space, so we’ve come up with a tangible block system that translates to a projected animation, so young children can learn and understand the basic organization of a computer program with their hands.

I’ve been appointed as the Art lead and I’m excited to get to flex some of my design muscles from my undergraduate career, both from the Media Lab as well as the Architecture department working with visual programming and tangible blocks!

We’ve just finished our fourth week, which means we’re about a quarter of a way through our project.  Check out our progress at our website,!

[Update!]  Check out some photos and a more in-depth description of our project by checking out my page here: Digital Dream Lab